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Our brain is a belief-generating machine

Cliff Pickover


The five senses gather electronic signals from the external and internal environment and send these signals to the brain, but our senses do not know what these signals mean.
The brain relays these signals from the senses to the mind, but the brain does not know what these signals mean.
The mind encodes these signals from the brain into words, and assigns meaning to these words according to the semantic mind dictionary which it has built into the memory, but the mind does not have the power or wisdom to determine the true meaning of these words.
The mind may or may not offer these words to Consciousness itself to determine and empower the real meaning of this information for reflective choice.
If the mind does not offer its information to Consciousness, the ego mind remains stuck in its own story about itself and the world, with all of the consequences therefrom; if it does offer this information to Consciousness itself, the story is transformed and transcended into ever-present spiritual truth.
“Spiritual” psychotherapy recognizes the difference between the ego story and the real self because it addresses man as Consciousness itself.
Spiritual psychotherapy begins with the re-diagnosis of all symptoms in terms of the infinite potentialities of the person instead of just in terms of their physical and psychological fear-based limitations. The Symptoms of Infinite Imagination assumes that you are infinite Imagination. Infinite imagination is another word for spirit, soul or consciousness. You have thoughts, you have feelings, you have physical sensations, but you are infinite imagination; you are a powerful spiritual being, a divine co-creator with God.
Everything that you see, feel, taste, smell and hear is a finite product of infinite imagination, including the world of nature (sun, moon, stars, trees, crocodiles and people) and the world of man-made stuff (cars, phones, furniture, toys, art, science) Imagination is the subject/cause; your experiences are the object/effect, result or product of imagination. Everything that you see and experience is the product of imagination.
You may have forgotten that imagination is the most powerful force in the universe, and that imagination is what you are. Infinity-forgetting and identity-confusion is what creates our finite symptoms. Symptoms and their accompanying pain are messengers of mis-used imagination and forgetful identity ignorance. Symptoms are God’s messengers and gifts to a preoccupied, forgetful world.
A symptom is not like a broken lawnmower. A symptom represents a conflict in your total belief system. A symptom is an identity issue. A symptom concerns your ignored, denied, repressed and unconscious spirituality. You cannot thoroughly doctor a symptom with a pill because a pill only addresses the brain and the body. A symptom is a consciousness issue, not just a brain and body issue. Everything begins in consciousness and returns to it.
The symptom indicates the dissonance between the mind and consciousness. That dissonance is created by the ego. No one has created himself. We make up an ego identity, we invent our self-image and our self-esteem through our imagination, but no one creates the imagination itself. You may create your self-identity story through your imagination your self-identity story, but you did not create imagination itself. You are a spiritual being, and through your ignorance and confusion you have made up an ego that you call “you.” Your ego is not you. You created your ego, but you did not create your self. Your self is a spiritual being that was created by God and you are as God created you. We have little idea about the truth of this, and so we believe that we are an ego, and that this ego created itself. You can create anything and everything except God and your true self. The true self is the one thing the ego cannot make. The ego can fool you into thinking that your self-image is your self but it is not. You can create experiences but you did not create the creator of these experiences.
That you did not create your self is the basic fact of life. Your symptom attests to this basic fact of life. If you were the creator of your self, why would you create a symptom you cannot fix? You wouldn’t do it. Since you are not the creator of your self, the symptom is there to witness to the fact that the ego you have made is not truly you. The symptom is created by the 1% Factor, the infinite imagination that no one can destroy, guaranteed.
These pains that you feel are Messengers. Listen to them. Turn them to sweetness.
Spiritual psychotherapy is an invisible process because in fact you are invisible. Your body is visible but you are not. Even your aura may be visible, but the cause of the aura is not visible. All cause is invisible and infinite. All effects are visible and finite. Scientists have been able to locate the brain, but not the operator of the brain. The Self (consciousness) will never be located because it is not defined and confined by time and space. The operator of the brain is not visible and cannot be located or measured except in terms of its effects. You are invisible and infinite cause. The story and its tragic hero, the ego, are defined by and confined in time and space, but the creator of the story is not of time and space.
In general psychotherapy, symptoms refer to assumed physical or personality problems; in Spiritual Psychotherapy, symptoms attest to the limitations of our story and to the unlimited nature of our divine potentiality. 

See David Hawkins, Power Versus Force, An Anatomy of Consciousness.  Secona, Arizona: Veritas Publishing. 1995

Our story of loneliness, abandonment, separateness

The truth of belonging, oneness, unity

Our story of lack, deprivation, "not enough"

The truth of abundance, wholeness, holiness

Our story of entrapment, stuckness, victimization

The truth of release, freedom, individuality